How does cold weather negatively affect your car?

“Charlotte Toyota service“Do you know how cold weather actually affects your car? It can take a pretty heavy toll on your vehicle, especially if you don’t prepare accordingly ahead of time. Toyota of North Charlotte is here to help! We sat down and talked with our techs about exactly how cold weather can affect your ride and how you can easily and affordable combat those effects. Let’s get started!

Toyota of N Charlotte explains cold weather effects

Effect #1: Tires

When the air gets colder, it also gets denser… which means the air inside of your car tires gets denser as well. Your tires are filled to a specific PSI in order to ensure you maximize safety and performance. When this PSI drops, it can negatively affect your fuel efficiency and your traction. That’s why it’s important to check tire pressure when it’s cold out. Our Charlotte Toyota service techs can do that for you, and they can also inspect your tires’ physical condition to ensure they can handle driving in snow and on ice.

Effect #2: Wipers

Your first instinct when your windshield is icy is probably to use your wipers to clear it – don’t. This can damage the rubber on your wipers, rendering them useless for keeping precipitation off the glass. Instead, use an ice scraper to remove ice before using your wipers. And ensure that your wipers are in good condition to start with; they should effectively clear your windshield in one swipe and not make any noises while doing it. If this isn’t the case, replace them!

Effect #3: Spark Plugs

If your spark plugs aren’t in good condition, the cold weather can have a serious effect on them (rendering them useless). Without functioning spark plugs, you won’t be able to get your car started! That’s why it’s smart to have your car’s spark plugs inspected before winter arrives; if any of them are looking worse for the wear, they can easily and quickly be replaced by our Charlotte Toyota service techs.

Effect #4: Car Fluids

As the temperatures drop, the fluids under your hood start to thicken. Unfortunately, this can negatively affect how effective they are when it’s time for you to hit the road. Your best bet is to let your car run for a minute or two before you head out; this will allow heat to generate and thin out the fluids again. Or you can ask our Charlotte Toyota service techs about special winter blend fluids for your ride. And don’t forget, staying on top of routine car maintenance (like oil changes) will help your ride handle the cold more efficiently.

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