Heavy Snowfall Blankets Roads In Watauga County

WATAUGA COUNTY, NC — Salt and snow plow crews do not expect roads in the mountains to be clear by Saturday morning.

They will work throughout the night and morning to clear the snow, focusing on main roads first.

It was not a smooth ending to the work week for those wrecked and stuck on HWY 321 Friday during rush hour.

“The problem is happening when people are going too fast, and they stop too quick,” said DJ Craswell.

Salt crews struggled to keep up from Gastonia to Boone as sleet and snow picked up before 4:00 in the afternoon.

“Be patient with us and our drivers,” said Kevin Whittington with Watauga County Maintenance.

WCCB Charlotte crews passed more than 11 cars that slid off the road between 3:00 pm and rush hour. Snow was covering salt on the roads.

“When the temperature falls, it will begin to get snow covered again,” said Whittington.

Side roads disappeared under the snow on HWY 321 Friday night. Those areas take second priority, NCDOT says.

While crews worked, others played in Boone.

Families plan to go skiing in the mountains Saturday. Others are relieved it’s the weekend and they can stay off the road.

“If you don’t have to get out go to the store, stay inside and enjoy the scenery,” said Carswell.