Easily get rid of icy windshields with help from Toyota of North Charlotte!

Toyota of North Charlotte tipsIt’s that time of year once again. The temperature is dropping and there’s snow, ice, and slush all around you in North Charlotte. One side effect of this cold temperature is the possibility of getting an iced-over windshield. It can be an annoying thing to deal with when you’re trying to get to work or school. That’s why our Toyota service team has put together some winter auto service tips that will help you get rid of that ice on your windshield.

Know how to de-ice your windshield in North Charlotte

Auto service tip #1: Use cold water to melt the ice

It might be tempting to just use some hot water to melt the ice away from your windshield. Don’t do it! The rapid change in temperature could end up cracking your windshield! That’s why we recommend using cold water to melt the ice or turn it softer. That way you can easily wipe it away with your windshield wipers.

Auto service tip #2: Just turn on the defroster

Sometimes clearing the ice from your car’s windshield in North Charlotte is as easy as turning on your car. After getting in, turn on the defroster to warm the glass of your windshield. It should only take around five minutes for the ice to melt.

Auto service tip #3: Don’t use metal tools!

If you’ve ever seen anyone using an ice scraper or other tools on their windshields to remove ice, you’ll notice that they aren’t made of metal. That’s because the metal can end up scratching the glass or even cutting grooves into the windshield. If you want to remove the ice from your North Charlotte with a tool, we recommend a plastic ice scraper with a soft plastic bristle brush. You can even use a squeegee to help clear the ice.

Auto service tip #4: Stay away from the vinegar

If you do a quick search online, you may find that people suggest using vinegar to remove ice and prevent it from forming on your windshield. We recommend not using vinegar at all! That’s because it can strip your car of its wax and even wear down its paint. If you want to prevent your windshield from getting iced, you can put a plastic or vinyl tarp over it the night before.

Be prepared for this season thanks to Toyota auto service tips

De-icing your windshield is as simple as that! However, this is just one of the many things you will have to deal with in regard to your car in cold weather. Make sure you’re up to date on your routine North Charlotte car maintenance to make sure you don’t have any worries. If you need more service advice, you can call our North Charlotte Toyota team! You can reach us at (888) 732-5310.

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