New NC Law Limits Prescriptions in Effort to Tackle Opioid Crisis

CHARLOTTE, NC – A new state law aims to tackle the opioid crisis. There is now a limit on how many opioid painkillers a doctor can prescribe you.

“It got started through a little pain in my ankle that they call arthritis,” explains Davidson, NC resident Vincent Huntley.

A doctor’s prescription led Huntley to become addicted to opioids and eventually heroin.

“A lot of hiding from family members, from friends, snorting, and just, abusing my body with the drug,” Huntley says.

He has been clean for nearly 20 years, but says it’s hard to completely get over the opioid addiction.

“If I go certain places, to a gas station in the inner city, and I can see the people walking, and people scratching. You know, I get a sensation from just seeing that,” he says.

The new law aims to stop people like Huntley from getting addicted in the first place.

Doctors will only be able to give out five days worth of pills for acute pain or seven days worth after surgery.

Huntley says he’s not sure the new law goes far enough. He’d like to see more education for those being prescribed opioids.

“Teach me about this drug, teach me about the addition that I’m going to face. Teach me about, you know, how I’m going to come off of this stuff,” he says.

Huntley organized a conference in Salisbury last November, bringing doctors and experts together to tackle the problem.

He’s planning another program in Charlotte this spring.

“Now that I’m clean, I think it’s the right thing to do, is to enlighten people about it, because they really don’t know,” Huntley says.