DOT Crews And Residents Brace For Winter Storm

ANSON COUNTY, NC — Emergency dispatchers in several counties say phones are ringing off the hook as slide offs keep happening throughout our area. DOT crews are working right now to keep major roadways clear.

Some in Anson County were already prepared for the snowy evening, while others were still rushing to the store as snow fell to grab essentials like bread and milk.

Whether you love the snow or hate it, it’s not all fun and games. NCDOT officials say their crews have spread more than 2-million gallons of salt brine across the state.

Jen Thompson with NCDOT says, “We put down brine on a lot of our counties east of I -77.”

South Carolina DOT crews are also de-icing the roads. A number of roads and bridges have been forced to close already because of ice.

Thompson says, “We wanted to be proactive because even though we’re seeing maybe a trace to half an inch or an inch in some areas black ice is a big concern.”

That’s why some who work in the area, are making sure they’re ready too.

Tony Perkins, manager of Men’s Trim says, “Probably go down here to the hardware get me some salt and put out here so my customers don’t slip and fall tomorrow.”