Final Night of Public Visitation for Late Rev. Billy Graham

CHARLOTTE, NC – The final visitors paid their respects to the late Rev. Billy Graham on Tuesday night. Thousands passed by his casket over two days of public visitation at the Graham Family Homeplace.

“He had such a, such a gift, such a calling,” says Rock Hill, SC resident Francis Britto.

Many never saw Billy Graham in person, but on TV, the way he reached millions.

Jennifer Epperly says her parents couldn’t turn the channel.

“They didn’t go to church, but they did listen when Billy Graham came on,” she explains.

While Graham impacted the lives of everyday people, his role as “Pastor to Presidents” brought another former Commander-in-Chief to Charlotte.

Blil Clinton prayed over the casket with Franklin Graham Tuesday afternoon.

“I think he was a profoundly good man,” Clinton said.

Clinton told reporters he first saw Billy Graham when his Sunday school teacher brought him to a crusade when he was only 11.

He also joked about Graham’s close relationship with presidents.

“Those of us who are Christians believe in a God of second chances. And the politicians need that more than anybody else, so you’ve got to cut him a little slack,” Clinton said.

Stewart Groves say his life was touched hearing Graham in Australia.

“I was converted in the ’59 crusade in Sydney,” Groves says.

He and others call Graham a humble man.

“He’s the closest thing to a Saint, in my time,” Epperly says.