Charlotte Lawmaker Drafts Bill to Add New Restrictions on Buying Rifles in NC

CHARLOTTE, NC – A Charlotte lawmaker is drafting a bill that would add new restrictions on buying rifles in North Carolina.

State Representative Rodney Moore says he wants to take pro-active steps to prevent school shootings.

In May, he’s planning to introduce what he’s calling the Assault Rifle Reform Act.

It would raise the age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21.

It would also put a 90-day waiting period in place before you could get it.

And it would require a license, like with a handgun.

“We have an opportunity to set some policy in place, some common sense policy, to make sure that this thing doesn’t happen in our state,” Moore says.

Gun shop owner Larry Hyatt says a law like this is unlikely to pass in the Republican-majority state legislature.

“Some of this stuff is just a little bit too far in that it’s going to hurt people, the good citizens who do things right,” Hyatt says.

He also thinks it would have unintended consequences on hunters and gun owners who do things the right way.

“There’s just so much emotion out there. The moms want something done, things done hastily. And that’s how you can end up with some laws that don’t work well,” Hyatt says.

But Moore says, as a lawmaker he will try to do what’s necessary to keep people safe.

“We are tasked to do everything we can to protect the citizens of North Carolina, and more especially our future, our children,” Moore says.