Shelby Police Dog Attacks Little Girl

Shelby, NC — A police dog attacked a little girl in Shelby.

The attack happened Friday afternoon at Buffalo St. and Lineberger St.

Cell phone video shows people screaming, running to help the little girl as the dog drags her from a car.

“He had the girl, I think, by the collar close to the hood, and he was pulling her out of the car like that,” said Kenneth England.

Lem Lynch Photography provided video to WCCB Charlotte.

Police were trying to serve a warrant for Robert Sutton when officers say he broke into a home on Lineberger St.

The guy inside the house jumped out the window, ran to the corner street, jumped on top of a stopped car,” said England.

The car window shattered when the officer grabbed Sutton on top of the car. He tried to kick at the police dog coming after him.

Police say, at one point, Sutton opened the back door of the car, exposing the four-year-old girl inside to the dog.

“The next thing I seen was the dog on the other side of the car pulling out a little kid,” said England.

Police Chief Jeff Ledford says internal affairs is checking to see if the officer followed all policies.

He says he blames the criminal, not the dog.

“If it was my daughter, I would want the same thing. I would want to know what happened and why it happened,” said Chief Ledford. “We’re going to try to make sure we take care of the family we take care of the community, we take care of the officer involved. But, obviously, all of us our thoughts are with that little girl.”

Officers will be in the community this weekend answering questions people have.

An officer is with the little girl and her family.

She is expected to be okay.

Sutton was wanted for several violent crimes including assault on a female, and robbery.