President Trump Calling For Tougher Penalties For Drug Dealers, Including the Death Penalty

CHARLOTTE, NC.– President Trump has a bold plan to fight the opioid epidemic. He’s calling for tougher penalties for drug dealers, including the possibility of the death penalty.

The President’s plan focuses on  law enforcement, prevention and education. It also includes stiffer penalties for high-intensity drug traffickers, seeking the death penalty for some drug dealers. A move that’s stirring up controversy.

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. At a first glance you would never guess Pastor Nick Newman’s struggle with addiction began with pain killers.

“Then ultimately couldn’t sustain my drug addiction, so I began selling and repeatedly using drugs,” says Pastor Nick Newman.

He’s been clean for almost seven years, but others close to him, haven’t been so lucky. North Carolina has four of the top twenty-five worst cities for opioid abuse in the country. They include Hickory in our area.

President Trump is calling for stiffer penalties for high-intensity drug traffickers —like capitol punishment.

“They will kill thousands of people during their lifetime and they’ll get caught and they’ll get 30 days in jail, Or they’ll go away for a year or they’ll be fined,” said President Trump on Monday.

Newman agrees there should be a crack down on drug dealers, but says the death penalty is excessive.

“But for me the death penalty really brings us to point where we say somebody is far removed from being able to change and based on what I believe about God is that anybody can change,” says Newman.