Skimming Device Found On Maiden Gas Pump

MAIDEN, NC — Police are investigating after a credit card skimming device was found on a gas pump Monday morning.

The “skimmer” was found on a pump at the Circle K convenience store on East Main Street. Police say the device was attached to the inside of the pump and was not visible from the outside nor did it interfere with the pump’s operation.

According to officials, a customer reported several fraudulent charges to their debit card after it was used at the pump. Employees then opened and inspected the credit card reader portion of each pump and located the device.

Investigators believe the device was inserted on March 17th, and was active until its discovery early this morning.

Police say anyone who may have used the store’s gas pump card reader between Saturday, March 17th and 8:30am Monday, March 26th should check their bank statements for any unauthorized activity. If any fraud is found, please call Maiden Police at 828-428-5005.