Residents Are Celebrating After Committee Says ‘No’ To Proposed Construction Plans

CONCORD, NC — Residents are happy that nearly 200 apartments will not be coming to their Concord neighborhood. The city zoning and planning committee said no to the plan Tuesday night.

The developer, MPV Properties, originally planned to build mixed-use townhouses in the Christenbury neighborhood back in 2005.

A revised proposal took out commercial use and added 170 apartments. Residents were worried about added crime and overcrowding in nearby schools.

Christenbury resident, Alison Conover says, “All of our kids play there, we go to the pool there, we play tennis there, so really worried about all the traffic.”

WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich was there when the decision was announced and said, “You can hear the people are celebrating below me. It was a packed house tonight when the Concord Planning and Zoning Committee struck down a plan my MPV Properties to build apartments in the Christenbury neighborhood.”

The developer now has to come up with another plan for the property.