Vigil for Family Members Killed in Restaurant Tragedy

BESSEMER CITY, NC – An emotional evening as hundreds gathered to remember the victims of a restaurant tragedy in Gaston County.

Wednesday night’s vigil brought family and friends together, along with employees, still in shock after what happened Sunday at the Surf & Turf Lodge.

Many are still trying to understand what led Roger Self to drive his Jeep into the restaurant, killing his daughter Kate, who was a Gaston County Sheriff’s Deputy and his daughter-in-law Amanda.

Also badly hurt were his wife Dianne and his son Josh.

Friends and family say the 62-year-old was suffering from depression and mental illness over the past few months.

“I know Rodger, I’m very confused. I’ve spent the last four days, like everyone else, going what in the world happened?” says Pastor Brody Holloway, with Red Oak Church.

Holloway says until recently, Self taught a Sunday school class at Venture Church and use to sever as a youth pastor. Earlier Wednesday night, teens, many who knew Self well, met at the church to ask questions and talk about what happened.

“We don’t try to explain the reason. We don’t know the reason. I don’t have those answers. But what we will do is we’ll give them hope that’s greater than the tragedy of the moment,” Holloway says.

We’re also hearing from Self’s brother, who thanked the community for their support.

“Like many, we continue to seek for and pray for answers. As we have done, we will continue to do all that we can to see that Roger receives the help he needs as a process of being responsible for his actions,” Monty Self says.

He hopes some good will come out of a tragic situation.

“Our hope is that an awareness will be raised that will help some other individual, some other family find the answers they desperately seek and need for those they love,” Self says.