Foothills & High Country Preparing for More Rain After Last Week’s Flooding

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC – People living in the Foothills and in the High Country are preparing for another wet week. Many are still cleaning up after flood waters washed out roads and caused lots of damage last week.

It was all fun for Daniel Jimenez and his family, having a good time playing in Wilson Creek Monday.

“It feels real good. The water is kinda cold, but doesn’t matter, we’re still here to have fun,” Jimenez says.

But heavy rain quickly brought their day to an end.

Gravel roads in the area washed out last week, trapping people in the Pisgah National Forest. A few spots along Brown Mountain Beach Road are still awaiting repairs.

“I’ve never been so tired of anything in my life as I am this rain,” says Larry Brown, who is camping in the Mortimer area.

Last week, he lost everything he had while camping by the river.

“You know it can be clear here, raining on Grandfather, the source of Wilson’s Creek and a six-foot wall of water can take you,” he says.

He says it’s best to be prepared, even if you think the river doesn’t look high.