MURDER FOR HIRE: Matthews Man Accused of Trying to Hire Hitman to Kill Roommate

MATTHEWS, NC – Federal Investigators say a Matthews man tried to hire a hitman to kill his roommate. He’s also accused of buying a radioactive substance to poison him.

The suspect claims his roommate was making his life a “living hell” and says he wanted to hire a hitman to make him “disappear.”

“That’s a little crazy and a little out there,” says neighbor Wayne Dryden.

The Feds say 26-year-old Bryant Budi went online in April, searching for the hitman. Court documents say he posted to a hidden services website writing, “..basically make it look like a robbery went wrong. dont (SIC) care what weapon you use, as long as you get it done.”

Investigators say Budi then sent $800 on May 31st to the “hitman,” who turned out to be an undercover agent with Homeland Security.

“It’s just really.. scary. And unnerving that someone would do something like that,” says neighbor Latoya Coakley.

Budi’s address is listed at the Misson Matthews Place Apartments. Neighbors say they’ve seen him around, but had no idea about the plot.

At the same time he was working to hire the hitman, Budi is also accused of trying to buy a “radioactive substance.”

A person working undercover for the FBI agreed to sell it to him. Court documents say Budi asked, “How long would it take for a person to die if he/she ingest that? How much could I get for $500?”

The undercover employee sent a dummy package. The Feds arrested Budi June 1st, after he went to pick it up.