Former Providence Day School Students Raising Money for Bus Crash Victims

CHARLOTTE, NC – We’ve learned seven of the Providence Day School students involved in a bus crash in Argentina will return home soon.

Three other students and two faculty chaperones will continue their recovery in Buenos Aires.

“It said it happened on the Interstate. I mean, we drove on that Interstate, I know exactly, I can just imagine how scary it was for them,” says Providence Day School Graduate Julianna Roupas.

She’s heartbroken to learn about her former classmates injured in Argentina on Sunday.

She participated in the same Spanish Immersion program two years ago.

“We were just thinking, like, what if this was us? What if we were there and this had happened to us?” she asks.

She and other former students have started a GoFundMe page to raise money for those hurt.

“It has not been released the exact condition of these people, but that it was a horrific crash,” she explains.

The school says several of the 10 students on the two week trip were injured along with two faculty chaperons.

One person not associated with the school died.

Pictures posted on social media before the accident show the group having fun, visiting a waterfall, and watching the World Cup.

Now Roupas is thinking about the parents and families, many who traveled to Argentina to care for their loved ones.

“I know that it would be my parents’ worst nightmare, it would be my worst nightmare to hear that my child, or my brother, or my friend was in a really bad car accident halfway across the world,” she says.