Lessons Learned From The DNC in 2012–Leading To Possible Security Concerns For 2020 RNC

CHARLOTTE, NC.– We’re learning more about lessons learned from the Democratic National convention in 2012,  and possible security concerns for 2020 RNC.

Uptown was on lockdown during the DNC. With CMPD already understaffed, the President of the Fraternal Order of Police says local officers may be stretched thin.

Road closures, checkpoints, buildings barricaded, thousands of officers on the streets. That was all part of the security plan during the 2012 DNC in Charlotte. City leaders say you can expect that level of security and likely more in 2020.

“The plans haven’t been finalized yet. But again we know from our 2012 experience what the needs are,” says Charlotte City Council member Ed Driggs.

Councilmen Driggs says those needs include thousands of police officers. In 2012 roughly 5,000 officers from 11 states helped with security.

“The size of the police force will triple approximately. There are detailed plans as to how those resources will be trained in advance of the event. Our chief is going to be able to deploy them.”

With concerns of even more protesters in 2020 than we saw at the DNC, the President of the Fraternal Oder of Police says the RNC could be harder on officers.

“The physical strain on the officers and everyone involved and on the families especially. We have to take them into consideration.” Charlotte FOP President  Mark Michalec.