Dilworth Man Offering To Help Neighbors With Home Security After String Of Break-Ins

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are still looking for a man wanted for break-ins in four neighborhoods over the weekend. New surveillance video shows a man walking around a home on Tremont Avenue in Dilworth, and trying to open a car door. Residents say it’s the same man wanted for at least four break-ins on Saturday. Police say the crime spree targeted homes in Dilworth, Myers Park and SouthPark in less than eight hours.

“They’re walking around the neighborhood as if it’s no big deal, they’re operating under darkness, there’s no police patrol, it’s as if they’re walking in a shopping mall,” says a Dilworth resident name Lance.

Lance’s neighbors were victims of the crime spree.

“They’re fearful, and some of them feel helpless. You know they feel like they’re doing the best they can with lights or security systems, but we’re really looking to the city and the police department to help us.”

The father of a little girl is offering to help his neighbors step up their home security.

“Some of the neighbors, I’ve put it out there, that if they need assistance with ideas, and creativity around lights and cameras and security systems, that I was happy to help.”

Niki Hardy is one of the victims. She says someone kicked in the back door of her Myers Park home around 4 am Saturday morning. The thief got away with her purse — thankfully her wallet and cell phone were not inside. Now she’s getting more security.

“We’re having some motion sensitive lights put on up the driveway, just so if anyone walks up there, they’ll be lit up like a Christmas tree,” says Hardy.

Investigators say the suspect abandoned a stolen truck near the scene of the final break-in on Closeburn Road in SouthPark. Police are increasing patrols, and say if residents see anything suspicious they need to call 911.