Backlash From Aviation Experts Over Proposal By The TSA To Get Rid Of Passenger Screening

CHARLOTTE, NC–  There’s b

acklash from aviation experts over a plan by the TSA to get rid of passenger screening in some small airports, and TSA is responding.

According to the proposal, the money that would be saved by those cuts would be used to increase security at larger airports. Experts say it’s a recipe for disaster.

“Whole idea is bogus. It’s just a suicide pact as far as I’m concerned, I think it’s stupid,” says retired pilot Luke Garfield has more than 40 years of aviation experience.

Garfield is stunned by reports that the t-s-a is considering ending security screenings at more than 150 small and medium-sized airports.

“Problem here is if I were a bad guy and I wanted to blow up an airplane I could drive myself to some regional airport get on my airplane with my bag with my explosives and then transfer to a larger airplane,” adds Garfield.

Under the proposal, passengers and luggage arriving from smaller airports would be screened before getting on connecting flights at major airports.

“That’s going to be awful if they do that they have to force them to go instead of straight to the next flight have to go through security to get all the bags screened and go out the next flight, but how you going to get them to do that they just disappear the terminal.”

The TSA says it is just considering the idea as part of it’s yearly federal budget process, but says no changes would happen without a risk assessment to ensure the security of the aviation system.

The proposal says the screening cuts would happen at airports  That operate commercial flights with no more than 60 passengers.