Fort Mill Mom Looking to Hire a Baby Sitter Receives Vulgar Video Chat

FORT MILL, SC – It was an awful surprise for a Fort Mill mom searching for childcare online. She accepted a video chat from a possible hire and what she saw was horrific.

“It was a crazy experience,” said the woman who didn’t want to share her identity for fear the culprit is local.

What started as a routine day for this Fort Mill mother and her six-month-old son turned into anything but.

“Why would someone do something like that to someone who’s looking for a babysitter?” questioned the woman. “it’s really kind of weird.”

The woman just moved to Fort Mill with her husband and son. Without family nearby, and needing childcare during the work day, she posted an ad on Facebook.

“I got a message from this person,” she said, “I think the fake name was Jennifer.”

“Jennifer” then requested a video chat. She didn’t think anything about it and accepted the video call. She says initially the screen was black.

“A couple seconds later, the next thing I know, it’s a gentleman performing sexual acts on himself,” said the woman.

In shock, she says she immediately ended the call.

“I had to sit down, take a minute and kind of regroup,” she said.

The woman called police to file a report, but police say it can be to difficult track down the criminals.
“There is no restriction on how many accounts someone can establish on social media,” said Maj. Bryan Zachary with the Fort Mill police department. He says people should consider other hiring options before social media.

“I think that it’s possible to obtain criminal history, references,[like] you normally would in those types of situations, by means other than social media,” said Zachary.

It’s advice this mother is now putting to use.

“I’m going to be more cautious for sure about who I meet up with,” she said.

The woman says she was eventually able to find a babysitter by using “mom” groups in her specific neighborhood.