A Fort Mill Man Is Desperate To Know Why Someone Shot And Killed His Service Dog

FORT MILL. SC.– A Fort Mill man is desperate to know why someone shot and killed his service dog, an animal that was more than just his best friend.

Justin Balducci and Willie Mae were inseparable since the moment he got her last year.

“She just filled, like I said before a big hole in my heart of emptiness that pieced me together to be a complete, a normal person,” says Justin.

Willie Mae was Justin’s emotional support dog, to help with depression following the deaths of his father and best friend.

“Then I started getting sick will all this rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disease, it takes a lot out of you.”

Last Friday was the last time Justin saw her. His mother broke the devastating news.

“She called she was hysterical. Couldn’t even get the words out  what she said was Willie got out, and somebody shot her and she’s dead.”

Justin says she was shot in a ditch about 50 yards from their driveway on Vista Road. She had only been outside 15 minutes.

“It just hit me, you know the sadness hit me right off the bat. I just started balling.”

York County Sheriff’s Deputies interviewed neighbors, but no leads.

“You see she has a collar, how are you going to take action right off the bat to shoot her or any dog for that matter.”

Now all Justin wants is justice for Willie Mae.

“She was my remedy for everything I had and still have going on right now.”