Hazardous Materials Leak At Harrisburg Steel Company Now Contained, No Public Danger

HARRISBURG, N.C. — The Harrisburg Fire Department and Charlotte Fire units responded Thursday morning to reports of a “low-level acid” leak at Galvan Industries, Inc. on Galvan Way.

The hazardous materials leak has since been secured, according to Harrisburg Fire. One employee exposed to the acid leak received treatment at the scene before being transported to the hospital as a precaution, officials said. Another two dozen employees needed to be decontaminated after exposure.

Galvan Industries released the following statement Thursday following the incident:

“Galvan Industries is investigating the cause of a spill of a solution containing a low concentration of acid that was contained on site at its Harrisburg facility this morning. The solution is used to treat metals to remove surface impurities before galvanizing.

Galvan engineers are investigating the leakage from a process line that resulted in a small amount of the solution spilling onto a concrete pad outside one of Galvan’s process buildings. Following company procedures, employees contained the spill to company property and cleaned it up without incident. There were no injuries.

Multiple agencies arrived on site, responding to a 911 call about the spill. Given the facility’s proximity to county lines, this included fire and hazmat teams for Mecklenburg and Cabarrus counties.

Local hazmat crews confirmed the spill was contained and none of the material was released to nearby surface waters or other property. The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality also confirmed with local hazmat crews that due to containment, there was no outstanding risk to surrounding property.

The investigation into this morning’s spill is ongoing. The circumstances that resulted in the spill do not occur in the course of Galvan’s normal operations.

Galvan Industries is regularly inspected and monitored by state regulators, and is in compliance with all permit conditions and environmental regulations.”

Harrisburg Fire says that there is no greater health threat to the public as a result of the leak, given the substance did not escape the facility.