Dilworth Residents Say They’re Terrified That A Crime Spree Will Escalate

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Prowlers caught on surveillance video, targeting dozens of homes and cars in the middle of the night. Neighbors say they’re terrified that the crime spree in Dilworth will escalate.

Residents are taking action. Neighbors are working together to help police catch whoever’s responsible.

CMPD has made some arrests, but neighbors believe this is organized crime. More and more Dilworth neighbors finding videos of prowlers trying to break-in to homes and cars.

“Somebody going down a line of cars checking their doors. I believe one of my neighbors down the street actually had her car broken into,” says Dilworth resident Kimberly Cusack.

CMPD arrested Daquan McPhail and Terrence Morgan about a week ago in connection to break-ins on Kenilworth Avenue. That’s where Cusack lives. She started asking neighbors for help on the Next Door app.

“I got a lot of information in a quick period of time. I got a bunch of ring video links, I got a bunch of people saying my car was rummaged through, I got this guy door checking my house in the middle of the night.”

She’s worried because the criminals are getting bolder.

“They’re breaking windows and ripping interiors, just to get in.”

One of the latest incidents happened to Byron Revels early Sunday morning. It was all caught on camera in front of his house on Tremont Avenue.

“The concern is that it will escalate from there as this happened down the road with people kicking in doors, trying to get stuff,” says Revels.

Just three weeks ago, someone targeted a house across the street from Revels and stole a truck the next street over.

Investigators haven’t caught that suspect but linked him to multiple home break-ins across South Charlotte.

CMPD says they’re trying to figure out of the all of these crimes are related. If you have surveillance video that shows any of the home or car break-ins. Call crime stoppers: 704-334-1600