6 Tailgating Essentials: Toyota of N Charlotte

Toyota of N Charlotte's six tailgating essentials


It’s that time of year again – football season! Which means it’s time to break out all of your tailgating gear and head to the stadium. Toyota of N Charlotte wants to help you make the most of your celebrations, so we’re here to share 6 tailgating essentials that you never want to leave home without when it’s time for the big game!tailgating

Don’t forget these essentials when tailgating!

OK, 7, actually – because you should ALWAYS have a designated driver on your must-have list. We know a lot of tailgating celebrations include adult beverages, which is fine… as long as you’re not getting behind the wheel. Make sure you line up a designated driver ahead of time and have a backup plan in case they fall through, like an Uber or a Lyft.

Now it’s time to get to the other 6 tailgating essentials that our N Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends keeping on hand!

#1: Bluetooth speakers

Don’t run the risk of draining your N Charlotte Toyota’s battery by using it to play music! Bring along a set of Bluetooth speakers for tailgating and sync them up with your phone. You’ll be able to stream your favorite playlists without affecting your car battery! Just make sure to lock the speakers away inside your vehicle before you go into the stadium.

#2: Hot box

You’ll keep your cold food cold inside a cooler, but keep everything that’s supposed to be hot nice and toasty inside a homemade hot box! Line a cooler with foil, add some hot bricks, line it with more foil, and voila! Your hot foods will stay hot. Keep in mind, the hotbox won’t cook the food – that’s where your grill will come in handy.

#3: Chairs or a portable picnic table

No one wants to sit on the ground, but no one wants to stand, either. Be sure to pack up plenty of chairs and blankets for people to sit on, and consider getting a fold up picnic table, too! This will give people a place to sit and also a place to put plates and cups.

#4: Portable grill

Cook up fresh hot dogs and wings with ease – bring a portable grill with you when tailgating! Be sure to set it up a safe distance from  your N Charlotte Toyota – 6 feet is ideal – and dispose properly of the hot coals when you’re done cooking.

#5: First aid kit

Bring along a small first aid kit to deal with any minor scrapes, cuts, burns, or other injuries. That way you’re not hunting for a bandaid instead of playing a quick game of catch!

#6: Trash bags

Don’t be a litterbug – bring plenty of trash bags with you so you can properly dispose of everything and leave your tailgating site as clean (or even cleaner!) than when you found it.

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