Dozens Gathered In Charlotte To Protest The Supreme Court Nominee

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Dozens of people gathered in Charlotte Tuesday to protest the Supreme Court nominee. They held a rally outside the Federal Courthouse in Uptown.

Protesters chanted with signs, saying they believe Judge Kavanaugh is too extreme. Some telling WCCB they want to lift up their voices to get the attention of lawmakers in Raleigh and Washington. Mecklenburg County GOP leaders say protesters need to leave the chanting at home.

Day one of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate Confirmation Hearing started with democrats interrupting opening statements of the committee chairman. Protesting missing documents and emails from Kavanaugh’s tenure at the White House under President George W. Bush.

There were also screaming protests in the public gallery. Here in Charlotte, anti-Kavanaugh chants.

Action NC Executive Director Pat McCoy, leading the protest. Telling WCCB he thinks Judge Kavanaugh is a threat.

“The American people do not want an extremist supreme court. They want a court that’s fair and balanced. They want one that’s committed to the rule of law,” says McCoy.

Republican Senator Thom Tillis pointed to Kavanaugh’s record during the hearing, “I believe that you have 300 opinions that people should look at and read and try and spar with you on the basis of your legal knowledge.”

Vice Chair of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party Sarah Reidy-Jones supports Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. She argues Judge Kavanaugh is not too extreme for the Supreme Court, and says his 12 years as a judge shows that.

“The fact is that he does have a lot of bipartisan support. I think he’s fair as you’re going to get across the aisle,” says Reidy-Jones.