Lessons Learned From Hurricane Florence Helping Union County Prepare For Flash Flooding

UNION COUNTY, NC. — Roadways turning into rivers, as flood waters from Hurricane Florence took over Union County just three weeks ago. Residents are on edge worrying it will happen again with Hurricane Michael approaching the Carolinas.

“When my mom told me there was another hurricane coming I was like that is crazy, that’s not possible because we just had one there was a lot of rain,” says Monroe resident Sorley Sandoval.

Hurricane Michael is expected to drop 3-5 inches of rain on already saturated ground. Four Union County roads remain closed because of Florence. Including Macedonia Church Road in Monroe. Sandoval lives on that road.

Flood prone areas are scattered throughout Union County, One of them, Highway 218 East. A mother drove around a barricade there, and her car got swept away by flood waters. Her one-year-old son died.

“If you see a barricade, don’t attempt to move it don’t drive around it the road is blocked it’s closed for reason,” says Union County Spokesperson Tony Underwood.

In Mecklenburg County, Storm Water Services has cleared debris from creeks and streams, to make sure water keeps flowing.

Construction areas are notorious for flooding, especially on I-77. NC DOT officials say inspectors are checking for standing floodwater and debris ahead of Hurricane Michael.