Trump in Town Friday to Stump for 9th District Candidate Mark Harris

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – President Donald Trump will be in Charlotte on Friday to stump for Republican 9th District candidate Mark Harris. He’s locked in a tight race with Democrat Dan McCready.

“We always knew this race was going to be close,” said Harris earlier this week.

The contest between Harris and McCready has national implications. Recent polls show the race is a toss up. The race is one that could tilt the balance in Democrats favor for control of the house.

The tight race has attracted celebrities and prominent politicians including the president.

“To have him coming here for a rally I feel like number one shows the importance of this race and really just what’s at stake here,” said Harris.

“I hope he gets a sense while he’s here of some of the struggles people are facing some of the challenges that our seniors are facing in terms of social security and medicare,” said McCready about Trump’s visit.

The Charlotte Rally will be Trump’s second visit to campaign for Harris. He last visited Charlotte in August to fundrais for Harris and other republicans.

“The president wins when he goes in,” said Harris.

McCready is not worried about the president’s visit.

“We’re talking about putting country before party. We’re talking about a new generation of leaders in our government who believe we’re all in this together and we have a chance to turn our country around” said McCready.

As Trump readies for another visit to the Queen City, his rhetoric toward his opponents is now a campaign talking point.

Speaking with reporters at the Mallard Creek Barbecue, McCready avoided addressing Trump’s words.

“I can’t speak to President Trump’s language,” said McCready.

In a statement, Mark Harris wrote, ” The president is the leader of our nation and says some bombastic things, but I don’t think he wishes harm on anyone, whether they agree with him or not – but I would not presume to put words in his mouth!”

While Harris is with Trump at Bojangles Coliseum, Dan McCready says he’ll be at a private fundraiser in Charlotte with musician James Taylor.