Delta Forces Passenger To Fly In Dog Poop

Delta Airlines is apologizing to a passenger who says he was forced to sit in dog poop. Matthew Meehan was on a flight from Atlanta to Miami when he sat in his seat and smelled something funky. He soon discovered the source of the stench was stench was a surprise left by a pet on a previous flight. Meehan says the flight crew only offered him some paper towels and a mini bottle of gin to clean off. He told TV station, WNEM that the airline staff wouldn’t take responsibly for the mess.

Meehan says, someone eventually wiped the mess up with paper towels. His flight was overbooked, so he couldn’t change seats. There’s a lot of nasty things that happen on flights. People recently shared the grossest things they’ve seen on airplanes on the website, Reddit. One person wrote: “I saw a grown man with his shoes off, biting his toenails.” Another said they saw a mother changing her baby’s diaper on the tray table. Another said a woman started vomiting all over their lap. What’s something gross you’ve seen on a plane?