Matthews Commissioners Approve Controversial Housing Project

MATTHEWS, NC — Neighbors in Matthews losing their battle to stop a controversial housing project. Commissioners approved a developer’s plan to build 12 new homes near the center of downtown.

Town commissioners voted 4-3 to approve the new housing development. Brookechase Properties plans to build 12 homes across from the intersection of Main and South Trade Streets. This is very close to the center of downtown and right next to Four Mile Creek Greenway.

Neighbors have argued the plan is too dense for the 2.4 acre plot. They are also upset the development would lead to several trees being cut down.

Supporters, many from the business community, say more people are needed living downtown to support local shops and businesses.

Opponents did get emotional at times speaking about the project.

“I agree with development. I agree we’ve got to grow. I just think this is such an amazing town, it would break my heart to see 12 houses built on that beautiful main street that we have in this gorgeous town,” said one resident.

“Once this piece of nature is squandered, we can’t get it back,” said Matthews resident Bonnie Covington.

The 12 homes will sit on a plot of land where only one home once stood. The project will be known as Greenway Cottages.