CMPD: Crime Spree Ends With Grandmother Robbery

CHARLOTTE, NC — CMPD warns people to be aware after arrested a group for robbing at least nine people in Charlotte.

Eight crime scenes piled up and the suspects were getting more violent before police caught up, detectives say.

“By the grace of God that this man didn’t stab me,” said one woman.

The grandmother asked WCCB Charlotte not to reveal her name for her protection.

Before midnight Friday, she was walking into her Plaza Midwood apartment when a man pulled a knife.

“He had a knife up like this, and he snatched my purse, took my purse and lunch bag, and threw me down on the ground,” said the grandmother.
CMPD says Jarod Starks, Terrance Morgan and Jade Dulin were riding around in a stolen car robbing people all across town for the past week and a half.

Police say they have them on surveillance camera.

“You can’t measure the mental injury that occurs when you’re robbed when a gun is put in your face,” said Sgt. Brian Scharf. “Especially when someone fires that weapon at you.”

Police say they started Nov.7.

Investigators say the group stole a car at a gas station on Nations Ford Rd.,
robbed a woman on Shamrock Dr. and pulled a gun on a mom holding her two-year-old son outside apartments near Tara Ln.

In NoDa, a woman says they put a gun against the back of her head on Parkwood Ave. near Optimist Park Apartments on Nov. 8. She says they forced her into a car and stole her wallet.

Police say the crew hit up three check cashing spots on North and South Tryon on Nov. 8, 11 and 14. Police say they even fired gunshots at victims and missed after stealing their money.

Police caught them Friday, Nov. 16, after the grandmother’s robbery.

“They get what they deserve. You need to get a job. It’s senseless,” said the grandmother.