After Years of Delays, Monroe Bypass Opens Tuesday

UNION, CO., N.C. – After years of delays, the long-awaited Monroe Bypass opens Tuesday.

The 18-mile toll road runs north of Highway 74, from Stallings to Marshville. It’s the first toll road in the Charlotte area.

NCDOT says taking it means drivers will miss nearly two dozen stoplights on 74.

“It gives people another travel option. A chance to avoid some of that congestion,” says Dennis Jernigan, with the NC Turnpike Authority.

The bypass runs nearly parallel to 74, with eight exits along the way. NCDOT promises reliable travel times – and says without tolls, it would have taken years to build a free alternative.

“There are extensive travel time benefits and travel time savings for using the toll facility,” Jernigan says.

It will cost you $2.54 cents to drive the entire 18 miles with an NC Quick Pass.

There are not any toll booths. Instead, overhead readers will scan your plate and sent you a bill-by-mail. Or you can get a free transponder at the NC Quick Pass Customer Service Center in Monroe.

Construction started five years later than expected after environmental lawsuits.

Neighbors are still concerned about whether people will use the road.

“Hard to say. I’ve got friends that say that it’s no big deal and then friends that just won’t ever pay a toll for anything,” says Indian Trail resident Rene Soto.

Soto doesn’t know much about the toll road, but says he likes the price.

“I mean, two dollars ain’t too bad…” he says.