Charlotte City Council Delays Hearing Report on Moving to 4-year Terms

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte City Council decided Monday night to wait until next year to talk about moving to four-year terms. There’s a growing debate over the proposal and whether voters will have a say.

“I had to collect money every other year. How hard was that? Extremely hard! And sometimes some things suffered,” says former Mecklenburg Co. Commissioner Lloyd Scher.

Scher likes the idea of four-year terms. He showed up at Monday night’s meeting to show his support.

Right now, a debate is raging brought on by the younger City Council elected last year. Some want to extend terms from two years to four, saying they need more time to dive in to city business.

Not everyone agrees.

“This job is a two-year job with a very limited salary. You are really in advisory. You are not there to have your fingers in every pot,” says former Charlotte City Council member Claire Fallon.

She was voted off City Council last year. She’s not happy with council’s new direction and says their role is limited on purpose.

“A lot of sound and fury and no accomplishment. If you were going to ask for things, accomplish something first,” Fallon says.

There’s also the question if voters will get a say. City Council could make the change on its own, unless a petitioner gets 5,000 signatures, triggering a referendum.