NCGOP Leaders Call for New 9th District Election if Early Voting Leak Claims are True

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Could there be a new 9th District election? North Carolina Republican officials say it could be necessary if an allegation of an early voting data leak is true.

“If that information was leaked out, it clearly is a competitive advantage that cannot stand,” says NCGOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse.

State GOP leaders say there are grounds for a new election based on a sworn affidavit WCCB Charlotte reported about last week.

In the affidavit, Agnes Willis, who was working at the early voting site in Bladen County says, “The ‘tape’ showing election results at the one-stop polling site was run after the polls closed.. and was viewed by officials at the one-stop site who were not judges. It is my understanding that this is improper.”

“We are pretty certain that happened. And if it is confirmed a new election is appropriate,” Woodhouse says.

We reached out to Willis almost two weeks ago, but haven’t heard back. If her allegations are true, it means the leaked data may have helped campaign strategies.

Bladen County is already at the center of allegations involving absentee-voter fraud. The State Board of Elections has refused to certify GOP candidate Mark Harris’s win over democrat Dan McCready.

Documents show nearly 500 absentee ballots in Bladen and nearly 1,200 in Robeson County were requested, but never returned.

WCCB Charlotte traveled to Bladen County to look into the allegations last week. We talked with a woman who says someone showed up and took her ballot unsigned and unsealed. That is against the law in North Carolina.

“I think more and more with the news that is breaking, the 9th Congressional District election is under a serious taint,” says Catawba College Political Science Professor Dr. Michael Bitzer.

Bitzer says North Carolina politics hasn’t seen anything like this before.

“I think with this allegation now coming forward, it’s just a mounting hill of evidence that there are indeed irregularities,” he says.

Republican leaders say they are disappointed.

“This is crushing, more than you can ever understand to the people that are associated with the Republican Party that did this the right way,” Woodhouse says.