“Porch Pirates” on the Rise During Holiday Shipping Season

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – With the holidays right around the corner, package thefts are on the rise in the Charlotte area.

“They’re always on YouTube and the news, you see them and they’re brash,” says Julius Ulanday, with Security Consult.

10 seconds is all it took for a woman who walked up to a Fort Mill home. In video, she’s seen picking up two packages and driving off.

York County Deputies are still trying to identify her.

“The only deterrent would be to try to get these people to you know, put their face on, online and let their faces go viral,” Ulanday says.

Ulanday owns a security company in Charlotte. He says with more people ordering online, there are more people looking to make a quick steal.

But now there are also more ways to fight back.

More people are getting video doorbells or installing do-it-yourself security cameras.

“The immediacy of connecting directly to your phone and you knowing what you can do immediately to address whether or not somebody’s stealing a package,” Ulanday says.

Video surveillance put a recent porch pirate behind bars.

Summer Hatcher of Granite Falls is charged with four counts of misdemeanor larceny.

In a video, she’s seen backing into a driveway in Catawba County.

She steals a package and replaces it with an empty red box.

Investigators put out the video, leading to Hatcher’s arrest.

Police say there are other things you can do to prevent becoming a victim.

They include signing up for delivery alerts, asking a neighbor to pick up your package, or shipping items to work.