Mark Harris Talks To WCCB About His “Rookie Mistake”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – “That was a rookie mistake, a rookie error. I should have simply walked by the press gaggle, said ‘no comment,’ and moved on. But I didn’t,” says Congressman-Elect Mark Harris, about his decision to run from reporters at the Government Center in Uptown Charlotte on Monday. He did invite WCCB to his home Tuesday, in an effort to clean up Monday’s media misstep.

As the investigation continues into election fraud allegations in the 9th district, Harris has offered up his own theories. WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked him: “You talked about the idea that this could have been an ‘insurance policy’ set in motion by the Democrats, orchestrated by the Democrats, if the election and Dan McCready with his $11 million campaign couldn’t topple you. Later you said you weren’t sure about that. Do you have any evidence to suspect that? And if you don’t, why say it?” Harris replied, “The basis that I say for that is not necessarily evidence,” and, “I don’t know what anybody knew, I don’t know when they knew it from that side of it. I was just raising the question because of the frustration that evidently a lot of people were aware of a lot of things that I was never made aware of prior to the engagement of McCrae Dowless.”

Fogarty asked, “Critics would say there are a lot of instances where you have centered yourself as the victim of this scenario. What about voters? Are voters the victims here? Or is Mark Harris the victim?” Harris replied, “I would say I’m not trying to position myself as the victim. I have tried to position myself with the facts and the truth,” and, “I do think the voters are ultimately the victim.”

Fogarty asked, “If there is another primary, if this goes to re-election, has there been any talk of you not participating in that?” Harris replied, “No. I will run.”

Harris says his attorneys turned over more documents to State Board of Election investigators Tuesday. He is suing to have the election certified.

For more on this interview, check out these extended clips below:

Harris responds to whether his attorneys have fulfilled the request to turn over to elections investigators a supposed 100,000+ additional documents.

Harris responds to a question about his comments that the absentee ballot system in North Carolina should be changed.

Harris responds to a question about whether he thinks the people who have signed sworn affidavits are lying, and whether he thinks McCrae Dowless is telling the truth.