Rising’s Derek James Sits Down With “Roswell, New Mexico” Stars Liz And Max To Talk About Series Reboot

After a successful reboot of “Charmed“, the CW is looking to do the same with “Roswell, New Mexico” based on the classic WB show.

WCCB News Rising’s Derek James went to Hollywood to talk with the stars playing Liz and Max and how this version of “Roswell, New Mexico” differs from the original.

The series is still a story of love and drama about aliens among us, but it’s with an older set this time around.

“That’s one of the great things about jumping this ahead 10 years is that now this is not a high school love story this is a very adult love story”, said Nathan Parsons (Max).

“I always think of it as she’s like so into her head, she’s a science brain and she’s that biological engineer and he’s asking her to drop into her heart,” said Jeanine Masons (Liz). “It’s about the timing, it’s about whether they can both be honest with each other that they can actually lay out all the secrets but there’s so many secrets.”

Some of those secrets in “Roswell, New Mexico” are connected to a murder mystery, which was not a part of the original. Fans of the 90s version will still get some serious nostalgia.

“The theme song for the show was our introduction to Dido,” Derek said. “Before she did the little sample with Eminem and stuff that was the theme song to the original and that was pretty cool.”

“You just wait we have so much 90s music coming your way, there’s a little grunge coming later, it’s delicious,” Masons said.

Roswell, New Mexico” premieres Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9 p.m. after “The Flash” on WCCB, Charlotte’s CW.