Shutdown Showdown Having an Impact on Local TSA Employees

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – “Thank you” signs are posted at TSA checkpoints inside Charlotte-Douglas Airport. Despite the government shutdown and no paycheck last Friday, agents were still smiling.

Lines in Charlotte were pretty short Monday night, but that wasn’t the case elsewhere. Monday morning in Atlanta, wait times were running more than an hour.

Airport officials say they had to close some security lanes because more workers are calling out sick.

TSA leaders say Monday morning 7.6% of agents were absent nationwide, versus 3.2% percent one year ago.

Agents in Columbia, South Carolina were treated to free food from a local restaurant.

“When we think we’re out there and nobody cares, to see that come in, it just warmed us up, and lifted our morale, because we were down, we were down,” says TSA agent Stacey Hart.

In Pineville, Sky Asian Bistro is teaming up with M&M Hardwood Flooring to offer free meals to people affected by the shutdown.

“I can’t even imagine not having a paycheck, one, two, three, four weeks at this time,” says Janet Mejia, with M&M Hardwood Flooring.

Anyone with a Federal ID impacted by the shutdown can bring their family Sunday, January 20th or the 27th between 11:00am and 5:00pm.

“The people who are in that position right now, it’s just so, it’s very sad,” says Stephanie Vang, with Sky Asian Bistro.