High Country Bracing Themselves For Arctic Blast

BOONE, NC.– Mountain Counties are preparing for dangerously cold temperatures and frigid winds Tuesday night.

With an arctic blast expected, Watauga emergency officials say to have a secondary heat source in case of power outages. They’re warning people to stay inside.

“If you have to go out make sure that you give yourself plenty of time, increase your following distance,” explains Corporal Joseph Knap with the Boone Police Department.

If you have to get out the door, brace yourself.

“Having to bundled up so much and just having to wear so many layers, having to be bundled up and the frigidness,” says Rex Brown.

NC DOT crews have treated the roads in the high country. A spokesperson tells WCCB crews will be working throughout the night.

Officials warn of the possibility of black ice. Something that scares Boone resident Kristen Elkin.

“Even here when they do salt the roads, there’s black ice literally everywhere especially parking lot it’s really bad,” says Elkin.