CMPD Ride Along To Prepare For NBA All-Star Traffic

CHARLOTTE, NC — NBA All-Star weekend will be the busiest sports weekend in Charlotte history.

We now have a better idea of what to expect with traffic.

To see a complete list of closures, click here.

CMPD says there will likely be two traffic headache spots: Independence Blvd. and in Uptown near the Spectrum Center and Epicentre.

“It’s going to be really bad. It’s going to be really bad because we already overpopulated,” laughed Tim Massey.

Congestion starts Wednesday night, February 13.

That’s when CMPD closes all roads surrounding the Spectrum Center and Epicentre.

No cars will be allowed on those streets until early Monday morning.

“If you live down here, that would be great because then you can walk,” said Lt. Brad Koch.

If you work in Uptown, CMPD says ask your boss to work from home Wednesday through Friday.

“If you can’t work from home, certainly see if your company will allow you to leave, you know, at lunch time,” said Lt. Koch.

He says you don’t want to be leaving Uptown on Independence Blvd. after 3:00 on Friday.

That’s because the All-Star Celebrity Game is at Bojangles Coliseum that night.

“Tens of thousands of individuals not familiar with the roads, and they’re not going to have any idea where to go,” said Lt. Koch.

To avoid Independence, stay on Central Ave. or use 7th. St.

“You have an accident and it blocks one lane of traffic you know that will be really catastrophic,” said Lt. Koch.

Residents predict you’ll still have locals stuck on the highway Friday, frustrated.

He says if you do have to come into Uptown, take an Uber, the train or bus.