Repeat Offender Arrested After String Of Apartment Break-Ins In Steele Creek

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  There’s been an arrest in a string of apartment break-ins in Steele Creek, now we’re learning more about the accused thief, who is a repeat offender.

Jail records show 18-year-old Malik Walker has been arrested 10 times in nearly three years. All similar crimes like breaking and entering, robbery and larceny.

On February 1st, police say Malik Walker shattered the back door of an apartment at Andover Woods around 5 pm, took money, the keys to a car and drove off with it.

Several days later on February 4th, police say Walker struck again. This time at the Arrowood Villas Apartments on Carmel Lane.

Police say Walker broke into another apartment a mile away around 6:45 pm on Farmhurst Drive. We saw shattered glass on the ground and doors boarded up, where police say the crime happened.

Jail records show since September 2016, Walker has been arrested 10 times in Mecklenburg County. His charges include several breaking and entering’s, several  car thefts, common law robbery and possession of stolen goods.

Sate Prison records show Walker served more than a year for stealing a car.  He’s being held without bond on a parole violation. Plus an additional $40,000 for the most recent charges.

Residents here are worried about repeat offenders.

“When they do come out, it’s like we don’t know what they’re going to do if they’re going to do the same things where they’re going to go,” says one Arrowood Villa Apartments resident.