Uptown Swamped With Fans, Celebrities

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The big All-Star weekend is finally here. 150,000 fans expected to visit the Queen City through Sunday night.

“Celebrities, influencers, basketball players, looking from left to right. It’s overwhelming,” said NBA fan Darius Graves.

Before the sun went down Friday evening, the crowd already hit Uptown. The NBA placed stores around the Epicentre so people can shop the latest

Nike’s and design their own jerseys.

NBA stars walked the streets and signed autographs.

On night one, traffic was just as crowded as we expected in Uptown. Prepare to wait in a line of cars if you drive near the Spectrum Center. You may have to wait in line to get a seat at a restaurant because they were starting to fill up Friday evening.

Food truck workers lined the streets a block from the Epicentre in hopes of cashing in big time.

The party won’t stop until Monday morning when CMPD opens the roads back up in Uptown.

If you come to Uptown this weekend, you will notice more police presence. Officers are standing on each corner. Some have dogs with them. Some officers are citing people who try to sell counterfeit NBA clothing.