Changes To Panthers Practice Field And Bank Of America Stadium

CHARLOTTE, NC. — We’re learning more about what plans are in the works to change the Carolina Panthers practice field and Bank of America Stadium.

Team President Tom Glick sent season ticket holders an email saying prices are going up. The email says the increase is being done in part, to pay for upgrades to facilities including a Bubble to create a new indoor practice facility in time for the pre-season. Eventually, a new permanent practice facility and some future renovations of Bank of America Stadium.

Erik Spanberg with the Charlotte business journal tells me this will affect 60% of ticket buyers.

“The prices are going up $3 to $5 in the upper level, $4 to $20 in the lower level. That’s per game, per ticket,” explains Spanberg.

Spanberg says season ticket holders pay 10% to 15%  less per ticket then single-game buyers. He says it’s likely single-game ticket prices will increase too.

“I’m sure they’re going to go up because you don’t raise prices on your best customers and not raise them on everyone else.”

Glick didn’t mention in his email where the permanent practice facility would be. Back in December, there were reports of the team planning to build it in York County, along with their headquarters.