Bulldog Battle: Dispute Over 7-Month-Old Puppy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Ryan Williams says Zeus the bulldog is his, and that it got away from his fiance and daughter last month at the Dairy Queen on Wilkinson Boulevard. A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control spokeswoman tells WCCB that Williams did report the seven-month-old puppy missing.

A woman ended up finding the dog, and she turned it over to the Greater Charlotte SPCA. Under a city ordinance, GCSPCA should have then reported the found dog to Animal Control, but the animal control spokeswoman tells WCCB the rescue did not.

GCSPCA instead put the dog into foster care, and up for adoption. The foster networked the bulldog puppy on her Facebook page called The Crazy Dog House, which has since been deleted. She tells WCCB she deleted it because she has received death threats from people who think she found the bulldog, or adopted the bulldog, neither of which is true. She says she only provided foster care for the dog, at the direction of the GCSPCA. The puppy is no longer in her possession.

The GCSPCA has, until now, declined to comment. Now, it tells only WCCB in part, “We love all animals, and are grateful for responsible owners that also love them. We are aware of the situation with Mr. Williams, and are investigating.”

WCCB asked Williams if he could provide proof of ownership, like a rabies tag, medical records, or purchase receipt. He has not answered our question. We are told the family that adopted the bulldog has hired an attorney and is fighting to keep the dog. We will keep you posted.