Chaos and Confusion After Gun Scare at Myers Park High School

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Chaos and confusion after a gun scare at Myers Park High School. CMS now confirms a student did have a weapon on campus Monday.

Video posted on social media shows students in a panic as they scatter in the cafeteria.

Students say it shows what happened after someone yelled, “There’s a gun!”

Myers Park parent Nina Wilson thinks CMS didn’t act quickly enough to let parents know what was going on.

“Unreal! And those kids are scared! And their parents, like, have no clue!” Wilson says.

CMS says the principal did send a message Monday morning telling them school went on lockdown after reports of a weapon on campus.

Wilson says she didn’t get it.

“I understand they don’t want parents flying up there and you know, I get it, but at the same time, I want to know, I want to be informed,” Wilson says.

Tuesday the principal sent another message confirming arrests, saying in one case, “…a student had a weapon on campus.”

And in another, a student posted video of herself, “…holding weapons in a car off campus.”

The school district says police do not believe there was a direct threat to students at Myers Park.

But that’s not easing concerns.

“It’s just sad,” says Myers Park student Shaquan Douglas.

He says the gun scare is having an emotional impact.

“I guess people (are) traumatized by it because they don’t wanna see nobody gone,” Douglas says.

The Myers Park scare comes a week after guns were found on two other campuses – one at Ranson Middle and another at South Meck High School.

CMS recently added random security screenings at high schools after the deadly shooting at Butler High four months ago.