NCGOP, NCDP Respond After Mark Harris Announces He Won’t Run In New NC9 Election

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The North Carolina GOP and Democratic Party issued statements Tuesday afternoon following Mark Harris’ announcement that he will not run in the new 9th Congressional District election.

Read the full statements below:

“Mark Harris may have seen the writing on the wall but that won’t save the eventual Republican nominee from being tainted by the Republican Party’s efforts to steal an election. The entire country watched investigators lay out piece by piece how North Carolina Republicans committed an elaborate election fraud scheme, and that investigation will follow whichever Republican runs for this seat.” 


“The North Carolina Republican Party fully supports Dr. Harris’ decision. The most important thing for him to address is his health. This has been a grueling process for all involved, and we unequivocally support his call for a new election. There are numerous quality candidates that are discussing a run and although the Party will not be involved in a primary, we have no doubt that a competitive nominee will emerge.

We continue to be concerned that there is little interest determining how many votes were affected. The long-standing legal precedent on these issues has been to make an effort to protect legitimate votes cast in elections. No election is perfect, but lowering the standard for new elections may have significant consequences on our politics and electoral system in the future. Make no mistake, the Party supports all criminal prosecutions of those who acted with intent to violate laws. This includes the behaviors exposed during the hearing and the other groups that deserve a full investigation like the North Carolina Democrat Party-funded Bladen County Improvement Association PAC.

The systematic failure of State Boards, county boards, investigators, and prosecutors going back at least a decade must be rectified in order to restore confidence in our electoral system. We stand ready to work with legislators who have already begun to address absentee ballot problems. We all must work together to solve this long-standing problem that has clearly been prevalent for years.

A word to Dan McCready and his Democrat allies: You did not get more legal votes and there are no free lunches in politics. You will be held responsible for the extremist positions your Party has taken and your role to erase more than 283,000 legal votes by citizens of the Ninth Congressional District. “


Original Story:

CHARLOTTE, NC — Mark Harris announced Tuesday that he will not file in the new election for Congressional District 9 due to health issues.

Harris’s announcement comes less than a week after State Board of Elections voted to hold a new election following the evidentiary hearings in Raleigh.

Toward the end of those hearings, Harris himself even called for a new election in the now tainted race.

You can read the full statement from Harris below:

Over the last several days, I have had the privilege of hearing from so many people who have stood with us, cared for us, and who have asked how they can pray for us. In my response to them I have simply said to pray for wisdom and discernment as we make decisions concerning my health situation, the new election in Congressional District 9, and where we go from here.

After consulting with my physicians, there are several things that my health situation requires as a result of the extremely serious condition that I faced in mid-January. One of those is a necessary surgery that is now scheduled for the last week in March.

Given my health situation, the need to regain full strength, and the timing of this surgery the last week of March, I have decided not to file in the new election for Congressional District 9. While few things in my life have brought me more joy than getting to meet and know the people of this incredible part of North Carolina, and while I have been overwhelmed by the honor of their support for me as the Congressman-elect of NC-9, I owe it to Beth, my children and my six grandchildren to make the wisest decision for my health. I also owe it to the citizens of the Ninth District to have someone at full strength during the new campaign. It is my hope that in the upcoming primary, a solid conservative leader will emerge to articulate the critical issues that face our nation.

Over the course of campaigning in the district, I met and got to know one such leader, Union County Commissioner Stony Rushing. Stony, from my observation, along with his wife Anne-Marie, have served Union County effectively through the years. His background and his experience have proven him to stand firm on so many of the issues that concern us, including the issue of life, our national security, and religious freedom. I hope that those who have stood with me will strongly consider getting behind Stony Rushing.

Through the challenges of life, Beth and I continually place our trust in God, and we both know He holds the future in His Hands. Please stay engaged, for it is our civic duty to do so.

Again, it has been an honor to have your love, support, encouragement, and prayers each step of our journey together. Over the next few weeks as I continue to gain strength for surgery, I want to respect my family’s desire for privacy and I will not be doing interviews.

Mark Harris