Murder Suspect Rayquan Borum Accused of Making Threatening Phone Call About Judge

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A bombshell in the Rayquan Borum trial. The man charged with the murder of protester Justin Carr in Uptown Charlotte is now accused of threatening Judge Gregory Hayes in a jail phone call.

Another judge will decide on Friday whether Hayes should recuse himself.

It’s a stunning development no one saw coming.

“I got a trial coming up. I need you to take people from Florida this number, I mean this name…” Borum says in the phone call.

A phone supervisor at the Mecklenburg County Jail says Borum made the call to his mother last week.

It was only discovered now because Borum used another inmate’s phone pin.

Judge Gregory Hayes says it made him “sick to his stomach” when he heard it.

He refused a motion from the defense for a mistrial, which also argues the threat makes it impossible for Judge Hayes to be impartial going forward.