Experts Say The Momo Challenge Is Just An Urban Legend

You’ve probably seen the strange picture online and a warning about the “Momo Challenge.”
Its a viral hoax putting parents into panic mode.

Momo was the top new trending search term on Google this week.
People are concerned about the bug-eyed image, that is reportedly used to convince kids to hurt themselves, or worse.
Schools and law enforcement agencies have issued warnings that have quickly spread through online parenting groups.
But experts say this is little more than an urban legend.
Fact-checking site Snopes says the hoax first popped up last summer and recently resurfaced in YouTube videos and on WhatsApp.
Even A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian are warning their fans about it.
Yet, there have been few, if any confirmed cases of kids actually hurting themselves.
And: YouTube tweeted Wednesday that it has seen no recent evidence of videos promoting the “Momo Challenge.”