Voodoo, Shamans And A Hex Revealed In Friday Murder Trial

Charlotte, NC — Voodoo, shamans and a hex revealed Friday in the Rayquan Borum murder trial.

Prosecutors accuse Borum of shooting and killing Justin Carr.

Carr was protesting in Uptown Charlotte in 2016 after the police shooting of Keith Scott.

Prosecutors argue Borum was going to shoot police but hit Carr in the head instead.

Jurors heard from Borum for the first time through the interrogation video Friday afternoon.

“I didn’t even see it,” Borum told police during the interrogation. “Didn’t even know anybody was hit.”

Detectives used WCCB Charlotte Courtney Francisco’s report from that Sept. 2016 night to try and get Borum to confess.

“You’re in the video, okay?” the detective told Borum.

“I’m trying to figure out…(unintelligible)… I’m trying to figure out if the video shows me shooting,” said Borum.

“We’re able to see you on video. Okay?” The detective answers. “We’re able to hear gunshots. We’re able to see the gunshots. We are able to track you prior to the gunshot, the gunshot after the gunshot.”

WCCB Charlotte was feet from Justin Carr during the protests when you hear a loud bang. Then, you see protesters running.

Trial also took a twist into a spiritual realm of voodoo and hexes.

“What was being sought after was a magical remedy to the defendants current position,” said Assistant District Attorney Glenn Cole.

Prosecutors say Borum called his mom to get someone to do something to Judge Gregory Hayes.

Detectives say the mother admits Borum wanted her to get a shaman to pray against the judge.
She did.

“Belief commonly held in jail population that they can obtain the services of various spiritualist, shamans, priests, whatever you want to call them, and they can use extra judicial means in order to influence events going on in the world,” said Cole.

Borum decided he wanted his attorneys to withdrew the motion to recuse the judge for conflict of interest.

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