Panthers Fans Vocal About Potential Practice Field & Headquarters Move

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Panthers fans are not holding back their thoughts on the potential practice field and headquarters move to South Carolina.

Carolina Panthers were founded in 1993 in Charlotte. Lifelong fan Antonio Babic thinks the organization needs to remember its roots.

“I grew up thinking that the Panthers were a North Carolina team, and it’s almost like a sellout at this point, that they’re switching sides,” says Babic.

The North Carolina native wasn’t happy when he heard South Carolina lawmakers are making a play for the Panthers practice field and team operations.

“I mean it’s just an insult to everyone who lives in this community or grew up here and everyone who’s grown up to support the Carolina Panthers.”

Others disagree.

“I like it because we have to show some type of love to South Carolina anyway. Bringing the practice field there, I don’t think that’s asking too much, we have the whole stadium here,” says Uptown resident Mario Micman.

Josh Gray works in Uptown. He lives in Fort Mill, one of the rumored sites for the new practice field.

“I think it’s a good thing. If they do kind of like what the Cowboys did in Texas, a big broader community between North and South Carolina,” says Gray.

PSL owner Marty Mosteller is from Lancaster County.  He tells me it’s a great day for Panthers fans in South Carolina.

“It brings that two states one team thing into play. It gives South Carolina a little more ownership of the team if you will,” says Mosteller.