Disturbing Video At NoDa Bar Is Sparking Outrage

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Disturbing video at a NoDa bar is sparking outrage on social media. It shows a bouncer bursting into the bathroom of The Blind Pig, and dragging a woman out in a choke hold.

Katherine Zografos is still in shock after a night out with a friend.

The video posted on social media shows her being dragged out of a bathroom in a choke hold by a bouncer at The Blind Pig.

“I was asking why are you putting your hands on me, it doesn’t make any sense, he said we asked you to leave and I’m like, I was in the middle using the bathroom, I’m trying to leave,” says Zografos.

The bar closes at 2 am.  Another woman in the bathroom says she recorded the video at 2:13 am.

The bar manager says bouncers told people repeatedly to leave. Zografos says there were a few women in line to use the bathroom, so she waited her turn and planned to leave right after.

WCCB spoke to one of the owners of The Blind Pig on the phone. He says if the ladies left before closing time, none of this would have happened. He said he’s sorry for the way the events unfolded, but says there’s blame to go around.

He also says Zografos and the other women in the bathroom were not being cooperative. He says they were given more than enough time to take care of their businesses, and that security knocked on the door several times.

The bar manager, who was there, tells WCCB Zografos swatted at the bouncer.

“You don’t treat people like that. There’s certain situations that you handle in certain ways,” says Zografos.