MUST WATCH: Video Shows Charlotte Jewelry Store Owner Fighting Off Armed Robber

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Security camera video shows a Charlotte jewelry store owner fighting off one of two robbers. Police are still looking for one of the suspects.

Video shows two masked men walking into Sandro Barreto’s Jewelry & Repair store on South Boulevard, they immediately pull out guns as a customer runs out the front door.

“Give the money, give the money, I say the money is in here, That’s why I came here,” says Barreto.

The brazen robbery happened around four in the afternoon on February 5th.  The suspects pushed  Barreto into the back room, where his two employees were. About five minutes later, the robbers start taking jewelry from the cases. A few minutes later, one runs out.

“The other guy left so I just saw an opportunity to do something.”

Barreto hit the robber in the head three times with a metal bar used to size rings. During their tussle, the jewelry store owner says the robber fired two shots. Nobody got hurt, one bullet went into the ceiling.

“You don’t think about that in the situation, when you’re fighting you don’t think about it, you see nothing, you just fighting, trying to defend yourself.”

After a short struggle that destroyed a jewelry case, the second robber ran out. Barreto tells WCCB they took thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. According to a police report, the suspects got away with pendants, rings, watches and chains.

CMPD arrested 30-year-old Antoine Williams not long after.

Antoine Williams

They’re still looking for the other suspect.

If you know who that second suspect is, call crime stoppers at (704) 334-1600. You don’t have to give your name and you could get a reward.

You can see the full-length surveillance videos below: